Giving Back

Proudly doing business since 1848, Hancock has always been immersed in each community we serve. Deeply embedded in Hancock’s culture is stewardship, and we firmly believe in giving back and leaving things in better shape than when we assumed responsibility for them. Our employees and customers raise families in these communities; our employees and customers coach and serve on boards here. We connect with organizations around the state, supporting them financially and with in-kind materials, along with the gift of time and service.

The Ecology School
Partners since 2019

Camp Sunshine
Partners since 1990

Habitat For Humanity
Partners since 1990

Casco Days
Partners since 1934

Children's Museum
Partners since 2005

Travis Mills
Partners since 2017

Bethel HarvestFest
Partners since 2012

Cuckolds Lighthouse
Partners since 2010

Loon Echo Trust
Partners since 2012

Carol + David Trust
Partners since 1997

Other Donations
Partners since 1848