Mission and Values

Our mission is to create a work environment that first and foremost recognizes employees as human beings and ultimately improves the lives of anyone who works at the organization.

“An organization’s true value is not defined by revenue growth or profitability. Those are important metrics for our business, but they are outcomes of a higher purpose. The real mission is to enhance the lives of the people who work here.”

–Kevin Hancock, President + CEO

Safety. Undoubtedly, safety is our #1 priority and it is everyone’s responsibility–every minute of every day. No task or performance goal is so important that safety should be jeopardized in order to accomplish it.  Work place safety is an absolute team sport.

Employee Engagement. Leadership is encouraged at every position in the company. We strive to create a workplace where employees feel empowered, respected and listened to, honoring our commitment to a culture where ‘Everybody Leads’ and truly being a ‘Best Place to Work’. Creating and sustaining a best place to work environment takes focus, discipline and a commitment from everyone on the team—the goal is to have a culture that enriches the lives of people that work at Hancock, fosters a high level of engagement, and one that guides good minute-to-minute decision-making by all employees.

Customer Intimacy. Taking market leading care of employees and customers defines who we are. Our focus on employee and customer intimacy means fostering deep levels of engagement across all segments—knowing each employee, each customer, each vendor, and each community with an intense level of detail, compassion, and sincerity. Our relationships have deep roots and are long-term because we ask questions and listen to what matters most for the people on our team and the people we are servicing. We know who we are and we put all our energy into being the company we want to be by staying true to our values and concentrating on our core customers, products and services.

Efficiency. Reducing waste as measured in time, materials, and energy is one side of Hancock’s efficiency story. The ‘Higher Calling of Lean’—creating efficiencies and gaining capacity to put work back in its place—is part two. Being efficient and accurate enables us to service customers better, but also frees up time for a healthier work-life balance, allowing employees to fill their time with meaningful activities that enrich their lives.

Community. Proudly doing business since 1848, Hancock has always been immersed in the communities we serve. Deeply embedded in Hancock’s culture is stewardship, and we firmly believe in giving back and leaving things in better shape than when we assumed responsibility for them. Our employees and customers raise families in these communities; our employees and customers coach and serve on boards here. We connect with organizations around the state, supporting them financially and with in-kind materials, along with the gift of time and service.

Pride. Being a part of Team Hancock means taking pride in doing the right thing for our teammates, our customers, and our communities. Employees—the people servicing the customer—are the most valuable assets to any organization. We employ enthusiastic, vibrant, hardworking, smart team members who are excited about delivering world-class products and services to our customers, continuous improvement, and a culture of engagement and innovation.

Culture. Culture makes the difference and is Hancock’s competitive advantage. Hancock promotes a team environment where every employee leads, feels empowered, respected, trusted, listened to, and valued as a person.  Our culture is employee driven, built on viewing employees as people and having the management patience to involve the entire team in the company’s leadership processes.