Eastern White Pine

The World's Finest Pine Comes from Hancock Lumber

Hancock Lumber has been working with Eastern White Pine since 1848.  Century-old homes stand today with beautiful Eastern White Pine siding and trim that has endured New England’s rugged winters and hot, humid summers.  Grown primarily in the Northeastern United States, Maine’s climate is perfect for the tree’s slow, steady growth that provides tight growth rings resulting in bright, straight, flat and stable boards.  It takes 80 to 100 years to grow a mature Eastern White Pine tree tall and straight with the strength and character that make it the gold standard of soft woods.  Hancock Eastern White Pine boards are the perfect fit for interior and exterior trim, mouldings, siding, furniture, cabinets, millwork, flooring and more!

3 State-of-the-Art Sawmills: Our sawmills, located in Bethel, Casco and Pittfield Maine, employ over 200 people and contribute $30 million annually to the local economy. Whether through technology, equipment or initiatives, our team is focused on culture of continuous improvement to to maximize the natural resource and make Every Board Count.  We are proud to be a ZERO WASTE manufacturing operation with 100% of every log utilized, creating by-products from bark to make mulch, wood chips for playground and paper manufacturing, shavings for animal bedding and sawdust to fuel our operations and send to wood pellet manufacturers.

Timberland Ownership: Hancock owns and responsibly manages over 12,000 acres of timberland in Oxford and Cumberland Counties. Over 5,000 acres of the land in Casco, Naples and Otisfield was recently transformed with designated parking lots, kiosks, trail maps and markers and is open to the public for recreation and exploration. Jugtown Forest symbolizes Hancock’s culture and commitment to the community in that the privately owned land is a shared natural resource for the public to enjoy responsibly.  

Flexible & Creative Solutions: As both a manufacturer and retailer of Hancock Pine, our distributors and contractors provide clear and direct feedback that allows us to customize Hancock Pine boards to best serve the end user.  We have the flexibility and creativity to produce new grades, textures, patterns and finish solutions for our customers.  Most recently, we created a new grade called PRO-FINISH for our Hancock retail lumberyards. Available natural and primed, it is the distinct choice for professional builders every where!