EBC Pledge


Every Board Counts is a Hancock employee pledge consisting of 12 key statements to ensure every board manufactured at our sawmills meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

• I am an expert in Eastern White Pine Lumber.
• I understand the industry-surpassing grade standards set by Hancock Lumber.
• I am responsible for quality control.
• I know the customer behind every board milled.
• I understand the unique needs for every customer & will ensure these needs are met.
• “Close” is not good enough.
• I will take care in packaging and handling the lumber to ensure it arrives to the customer in the same condition it leaves our mill.
• I am proud of every board we manufacture, stamp and send to our customers.
• I will not pass a board, move a board or take a board until it is right.
• I will continually look for manufacturing process improvement opportunities in our sawmills.
• I will stop the production process if I see something wrong, and I will fix it.
• I understand that every board stamped HANCOCK will carry with it a 163-year tradition of growing & milling the world’s finest Eastern White Pine.