Dennis Verrill
Sawmill Manager in Pittsfield

“The whole culture and concept of making wood has changed over time, and it is really driven by listening to what exactly the customer needs. We are constantly asking ourselves, ‘How perfect can we make each board? How does every board look? Does every board count?’ Together with our customers we are producing the best possible product for every project.”

Dan Wetmore
Finish Products Manager in Casco

“Our lumber is ready only when the average moisture content and standard deviation meets or exceeds our customers drying standards, no matter how long it takes in the kiln.”

Andy Bean
Moulder Operator in Bethel

“My responsibility is to make sure that the milling is the top quality that is expected. I feel my job is to make sure every board that we put out is at its best, and that the milling is what the customer expects.”

Kevin Hynes
Chief Operating Officer

“At Hancock Lumber, we love a good challenge. Bring us your questions, ideas, current product issues, and we will go to work to ensure that every board truly counts for you, your customers and your market.”

Matt Duprey
VP of Sawmill Sales

“We are cultivating a culture at Hancock where our employees really take pride and ownership in the products they make. We are all excited about the progress we have made, knowing that all 200 Hancock sawmill employees are squarely aligned with our customers.”

Jack Bowen
VP of Sawmill Sales

“We are constantly asking ourselves, ‘How can we make each board better?…What do our customers need and how can we service them better?’ In partnership with our customers, we are producing the best possible product for every project. It’s a win win for everyone.”

Les MacKay
Atlantic General Manager for CanWel

“In Hancock we have a knowledgeable, committed supplier who provides a competitive program and quality product, combined with a keen ability to listen and act quickly when we present market challenges. Combine that with our high level of passion for the pine business and our great customers and away we go.”

Carl McKenzie
Director of Product Management for U.S. Lumber

“For years U.S. Lumber has been a proud distribution partner for Hancock Lumber Pine. Today, we may be more honored to represent them than ever before. Through an extreme effort from the entire Hancock production team they are shipping a product where every board actually does count for the dealer and for the end user. I have seen them make it, and I believe that our customers will choose Hancock Lumber day in and day out because it is uniquely suited to their needs for trouble free, entirely usable, and completely beautiful Eastern White Pine.”

Bob Keener
Product Manager at Russin Lumber

“Hancock Lumber empowers EVERY employee involved in the production of Russin’s orders to be my eyes, ears and quality control. This leadership has resulted in excess of 2.5 million bd.ft. of tally specific, volume specific boards being delivered with 100% accuracy and satisfaction.”