Meet the Designers

Karen Alcorn
[email protected] (207) 837-6432

Karen has a degree in Interior Design, with a focus on kitchen and bath design.  Karen enjoys the challenge of making each kitchen unique to the homeowner’s taste. She believes that the kitchen is the heart of the home and should be special no matter how big or small. Karen listens well to the customer to help them get what they are looking for. She has a positive attitude and will go the extra mile to serve her customers.

“I like creating new spaces that are more efficient for the customer. And, I especially love

seeing what we have created together.”

Jade Brulotte
[email protected] (207) 837-6324

Jade joins the Hancock Team with a Bach-elor’s degree in Architecture from Keene State College. Along with her degree, Jade brings with her experience work-ing at Hamshaw Lumber’s contractor yard in New Hampshire. Jade loves the building process and truly enjoys working in an industry where she can contribute as well as learn from others every day! We are happy to have Jade and her positive attitude on the team!

Berta Campbell
[email protected] (207) 837-6320

Berta holds both a Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts degree and has been a kitchen designer for over 15 years. From speculative houses or small renovations to fine custom residences, Berta brings enthusiasm to every project. In her spare time, Berta enjoys creating mixed media sculptures.

“I love working with spatial relationships and enjoy the collaborative process it takes

to make a fabulous kitchen!”

Jeremy Carpenter
[email protected] (207) 837-6312

Jeremy has a true passion for his work as a kitchen and bath designer. He thoroughly enjoys the design process starting with the initial meeting with the client and wrapping up with the final job site visit upon completion. The most satisfying feature of the job for Jeremy is seeing the excitement of the customer at the end of the project. Every project, large or small, is unique in its own way and Jeremy enjoys the challenges that are presented in each project.

“It is the attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else,

will affect its successful outcome.”

Lisa Clement
[email protected] (207) 221-8525

Lisa joins Home Again with over 15 years of kitchen, bath & interior design experience. She also spent five years presenting workshops on mindfulness and the power of positive thinking. Given this unique skill set, Lisa’s purposeful application of the principles of positivity to the design and construction process helps foster a spirit of optimism and collaboration among the homeowner, contractors and vendors.

Noelle Gauthier
[email protected] (207) 837-6415

Emphasizing the key ingredients to making a fabulous kitchen, Noelle aims to deliver form, function and beauty in each space she designs. With Hancock Lumber’s access to great lines of cabinetry, countertops, hardware and accessories, Noelle welcomes the opportunity to guide you through your kitchen transformation.

“Together, we can make a beautiful & functional space that will serve as the heart of your home.”

Dan Hanley
[email protected] (207) 837-6357

Dan Hanley worked as a remodeling contractor for 13 years, bringing a very valuable point of view to kitchen design. Over the past 16 years, he has been applying his skills exclusively to kitchen and bath design in the Midcoast area. Dan appreciates the value kitchens hold in our homes and steps up to the challenge that each unique space brings. Having the construction background really helps Dan key in on the importance of functionality needed in a kitchen space.

“I always look forward to seeing the finished kitchen and the customer getting just

what they were looking for.”

Sherry McFarland, CKD, CBD
[email protected] (207) 837-6317

Sherry brings 18 years of design experience with certifications in both Kitchen and Bath Design by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. Sherry is Hancock’s product coordinator and consults on vendors and products for our showrooms. With a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Design and Psychology, Sherry has a unique way of viewing and approaching client’s projects. Sherry’s design principles and drafting skills help her customers reach all of their goals. Sherry has taught an adult education class on “Enhancing Your Kitchen”, has presented numerous Home Show seminars, has designed a custom bathroom for the 2004 York Historical Society Designer Showhouse and has been published in the Portland Press Herald for her kitchen design work.

“I firmly believe that efficiency, as well as aesthetics, make the kitchen the heart of the home.”

Steve Pratt
[email protected] (207) 373-2430

Steve Pratt has been designing kitchens and bathrooms for nearly 20 years, including almost 18 years at the Church Road location in Brunswick, first for Marriner Lumber and later for Hancock Lumber. Steve likes working with customers on all size projects and particularly enjoys remodels on older homes. Call Steve when considering new kitchen or bath cabinets, or if it is time for new countertops, flooring or hardware to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom.

“I love the challenge of working within an existing space. Working on older homes is like

uncovering a story just waiting to be told.”

Angella Spugnardi
[email protected] (207) 837-6316

Angella brings over 18 years of experience to each kitchen and bath project she designs. Her degree in architecture enables her to help guide clients through the design process to achieve their vision and make a space that fits their unique lifestyle.

“Opening a world of possibilities for my clients makes every day new & exciting.”