We work hard to create dialogue on key topics, informing customers each step of the way. Builders are the core of what we do and why we exist. Whether through our online WebTrack system that gives you 24/7 account access to orders, invoices, statements, credits, pricing and quotes or through our notification tools designed to communicate with you throughout the order cycle, know that we are on your team and here to service you!

DRIVER PROMISE. Our drivers play a critical role in our logistics success, customer service and communication.  In an effort to best coordinate with the crew on the job site, our drivers call ahead before every delivery with a time estimate and a heads up for what is coming. This communication allows for better planning; and, less time wasted means more time building!

SPECIAL ORDER NOTIFICATION SYSTEM. Our special order notification system is designed to notify the customer the moment his/her special order arrives at the lumberyard.  Whether by email or phone call, it’s your choice on how we communicate this information.  No need to call to check on specific products and their estimated arrival dates – we’ll let you know as soon as the special order arrives!

ADVANCED SHIPPING NOTIFICATION SYSTEM. Our “Advanced shipment notification” system is designed to send an email communication to let customers know when an order is scheduled to be delivered to the job site.  Our sellers work hard to get the appropriate contact name, cell phone and email address for the right person during the current phase of the job and our logistics managers promise to send these emails within 30 minutes of scheduling the delivery in our system.

JOINT BUSINESS PLANNING. The only thing we love more than the data we collect is having the opportunity to share it with customers! At the beginning of each year we meet with customers to say thank you, review the previous year metrics, ask about builder priorities and issues and discuss how to continue the successful partnership in the year ahead. Hancock Lumber is committed to its customers as a building materials supplier, but also as a business partner!